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"Built By Fitness Professionals for Fitness Professionals"


Key Features:

Touch Free Member Sales

Toss your access cards in the trash! Long gone are the days of manually entering new member’s information. With GYMNIFY, new members will be able to register/sign up and pay using any web browser or mobile device. After payment is approved by our integrated merchant account, which typically takes a few seconds, GYMNIFY will automatically generate and assign a randomized QR code to that specific member that can then be immediately used to access the facility and other resources. This automated process is so simple you’ll wonder why all systems aren’t this efficient.

Live and On-Demand Virtual Training

The virtual training and fitness tracking system may be used as a supplement to traditional in-facility services, or as a stand-alone option for those individuals who either don’t need or don’t want the full suite of onsite services available, but could benefit with help establishing and maintaining their workout regime, to be available to answer questions, to monitor their performance, and provide encouragement. 

Dashboards & Scheduling

Create, manage and access your own at-a-glance calendar view of all activities and scheduled events, including on-site and virtual activities, as well as payment status, messages, alerts, and a whole lot more.

Programming Management

Our 3 step programming calendar and access to our library of exercises makes programming simple.

Real Time Communication

Our "Extra Help" tool allows instant communication between athlete's in real time for when they need some support

Total Gym Access and Security

Monitor and completely control all your physical and digital assets. Easily set occupancy limits, or segment access as you see fit.

Complete Online and Retail Point Of Sale System

All-in-one POS system provides delivery tracking, real-time reporting, in-person or online ordering, and more.

Relationship Management

Stay in touch with your clients, prospects, and partners with our integrated email and SMS systems.

Goal and Nutrition Tracking

Athletes easily track a wide variety of fitness and nutrition metrics and goals for enhanced accountability, collaboration, support and success

Additional Content Revenue

With the click of a button turn on additional revenue from your content by allowing purchases by the thousands of other registered Gymnify athletes in addition to your clients

Never Stop Growing

As a SAAS company, Gymnify is constantly adding new features...have a great idea, just shout, because we love hearing from our community

Knowledgeable Support

Our team is always here to answer your questions quickly by phone, email, and chat

Security Second to None

  • With IDS / IPS we can see all traffic in real-time, flag anomalies, research the traffic, and block it within seconds, not days, weeks, or months like some other providers.
  • Our data is geographically diverse with backups of all data every 5 minutes, which is replicated to our multiple datacenters across the US that have built-in “Air Gaps” keeping our data secure from a crypto locker or similar attacks.
  • NO financial data is ever stored on our servers.  At sign up, this data is sent to our banks and encrypted.  If our servers are ever breached, the most a hacker would be able to gain is free access to a gym. However, even that intrusion will be limited since we have machine learning resources that can detect inconsistent patterns of a client and will disable the clients’ accounts and alert the gym managers to follow up with the client.